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You are the best teacher I have ever had.

You give so much joy to so many people each and every time you teach a class, give a massage, do personal training sessions and provide care to the elderly. I love the way you explain exactly how our body is benefiting from each movement you have us do. I love the way you have invented new movements to increase the benefits. I have been taking exercise classes for decades and you are the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you!

Nina G., Vero Beach, FL

This is an absolutely fabulous gym. Why…

Peggy Hamilton is the owner, a trainer, a motivator and a new friend. She's highly skilled and an experienced trainer and massage therapist. She also speaks a little German! Beautiful studio. Great parking. You get to work out at your pace and feel included. You exercise AND laugh! Laughing is highly encouraged. It's a nice little community where the clients actually do stuff together outside of class. I'm feeling so much stronger and just better. Excellent variety of classes. All the other trainers are great. Her prices are very affordable. She has package prices as well. Um..... okay, she brings her adorable dog to work where he lounges in the office. You have to love that!

Claudette R., Vero Beach, FL

You will feel right at home, at GoodLife Fitness.

My name is Madelyn (Mady) Bochar. I have lived in Vero Beach for the past 5 years. Before that, I resided in Rhode Island.  Also, I am a former Certified Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer, teaching various classes for over 40 years. I owned my own women's fitness center for over 20 years. Finding the GOOD LIFE FITNESS STUDIO, and taking classes from Peggy, has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been very impressed with her fitness expertise, education and manner with which she teaches. The individual attention to detail in which she instructs her classes, is far beyond outstanding, paying close attention to the needs of the participants. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced exerciser, Peggy will make sure your workout is designed for you, and you will feel right at home, at GOOD LIFE FITNESS.  

Mady B., Vero Beach, FL

I first met Peggy a year ago…

I first met Peggy a year ago when she was training a core fusion class. She was amazing! Her extensive background in fitness and anatomy was just what I needed to make progress without injuries as an out of shape 60+ woman. Peggy paid individual attention to each student and inquired as to our limitations suggesting modifications. I was surprised with how much stronger I felt in just a few short months of her class. I subsequently had a personal training session with her which I highly recommend. When I heard she was opening "Good Life Fitness" I cheered. The facilities are beautiful and well equipped. She has brought knowledgeable teachers like herself and since Sept I have attended Peggy's core fusion classes as well as Deb's yoga classes and looking at the new November schedule I plan to include more..          

Chris Q., Vero Beach, FL

Dear Peggy

Thank you so much for the many years of teaching me to participate and enjoy the “Gym” life. Without your constant support and enthusiasm I would never had continued year after year. Step Class will never be the same. You will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the laughs and stories we shared and “a little German”. I hope you are very successful in your next venture and remain happy, healthy while enjoying your “grands”.

Pam D., Orchid, FL

Thank you Peggy…

-for the great instruction with beneficial results -for teaching me to love the foam roller -for knowing how to adjust to all the aches and pains we have -for a terrific season -for the fun -and for the dance! Best wishes for your new venture. I am sure it will be a great success. I will miss you !!! Xoxo

Sharon H., Orchid, FL