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Class Descriptions


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CARDIO CLASSES (Bring Gym Shoes)

Aerobic Dance – Strength – Balance – Learn fun aerobic easy-to-follow dance choreography & Line Dances. Safe strength and balance exercises, building muscles for stabilization, and practicing balance with movement and stationary. Using various balance tools, floor, and barre.  (Bring Gym Shoes)  LEVEL: ALL

Cardio Step-Strength Circuit – Fun and challenging choreographed step combinations, intense cardio work-out with Interval Strength training using weights, TRX, tubing, kettlebells, and body bars.  A non-stop, calorie-burning cardiovascular “sweat” Class. Stepping experience recommended. LEVEL: 2-3

CSC / Cardio-Strength-Core… Safe, effective, FUN Cardio/Strength Core training. A moderate to a high-intensity class. This combo class targets different muscle groups and provides strength, cardio, and core blast for a full-body workout! Be prepared to sweat and improve muscle tone! All fitness levels are welcome! LEVEL: 2-3

Line-Dancing & Strength – Learn popular line-dancing designed for active Seniors.
Enjoy this light cardio & strength work-out with fun, choreographed, low-impact, musical line-dancing.
Strength training includes dumbbells, tubing, therapy balls, and TRX. Modifications are offered for all fitness levels.
No experience is necessary. Gym shoes are required. LEVEL:

Movin & Groovin – A great combination of easy-to-follow, safe, and challenging aerobic dance choreography challenging stamina, coordination, and memory! This class includes building muscles using hand weights, tubing, TRX, Barre, and floor exercises. All levels welcome!

Zumba® Fitness – A feel-happy choreographed dance workout that combines a fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations. If you enjoy dancing, this is your class!!


TRX,  Strength & Balance – Suspension Straps attached to the wall that use bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. Dumbbell hand weights, tubing, and Barre for strength and bone-building exercises. NO DANCING and  NO MAT WORK ON THE FLOOR…!

Barre Fitness – Principles of Ballet, Barre exercises, and mat Pilates are integrated into each workout, improving strength, posture, and flexibility. Teaching fundamental ballet barre dance techniques with a professional dancer.  ALL Levels are welcome. Wear socks or ballet slippers.

Guts, Butts & Stretch – Safe and very effective floor exercises to strengthen Abdominals, Glutes (butts), and Hips. A popular mat class with elements of yoga, pilates, core exercises, and FOAM ROLLING. Exercise modifications are offered to create a safe, pain-free class, utilizing therapy balls, rollers, and stretch straps.  All fitness levels are welcome!

Total Body Strength – The focus is on building strength and toning your entire body using TRX, hand-weights, tubing, kettlebells, body bars, the Barre, and floor exercises. A great combination of easy-to-follow, safe and challenging muscle and bone-building exercises. Balance and stretching included. Each exercise can be modified to suit individual needs. (Bring Gym Shoes)

Mat Pilates – Mat Pilates is an integral component of all functional training and everyday activities.  Safe and precise movements that improve core strength and posture using the Pilates Ring, balls, and mat exercises.

Friends in Motion – Friends after Diagnosis Female cancer survivors receive free classes during specified time periods. A one-time health consultation appointment is required before attending. At this time individuals will receive specific class recommendations based on fitness & skill levels.  


Hatha Flow Yoga – Alignment-based Hatha yoga sequences building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving balance. A gentle flow is used from posture to posture.  Breathwork practice and meditative moments promote greater mental clarity and well-being.  Some yoga experience recommended.

Flow Yoga & Balance – Explore a variety of postures/poses while focusing on connecting breath with slow-flowing movement in a safe, non-competitive environment. Classes include balancing poses, stretching, and relaxation techniques to help you manage everyday stress. All-level class.

Yoga DEEP STRETCH – Practice relaxing STRETCHING and rejuvenating breathing techniques, proper form in posing, and stretching with individual modifications. A positive, feel-good class for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Gentle Yoga & Joint Health – This class is based on the joint-freeing series established by the renowned structural yoga therapist Mukunda Stiles. Each joint will be moved gently accompanied by breath coordination. This consistent practice may help relieve stiffness, and arthritic symptoms and increase joint mobility and circulation. Relaxation techniques will be practiced.