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Class Descriptions


1: Novice

2: Intermediate

3: Advanced


CARDIO CLASSES (Bring Gym Shoes)

Cardio Step-Strength Circuit – Fun and challenging choreographed step combinations, intense cardio workout with Interval Strength training using weights, TRX, tubing, kettlebells, and body bars.  A non-stop, calorie-burning cardiovascular “sweat” Class. Stepping experience recommended. LEVEL: 2-3

Zumba® Fitness – A feel-happy choreographed dance workout that combines a fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “fun & easy to do” while achieving long-term health benefits in both body and mind. If you enjoy dancing, this is your class!! LEVEL: ALL 

CSC / Cardio-Strength-Core… Safe, effective, FUN Cardio/Strength Core training. A moderate to high-intensity class. This combo class targets different muscle groups and provides strength, cardio, and core blast for a full-body workout! Be prepared to sweat and improve muscle tone! All fitness levels are welcome! LEVEL: 2-3

Movin & Groovin – A great combination of easy-to-follow, safe, and challenging low-impact aerobic dance choreography, challenging stamina, coordination, and memory! This class includes building muscles using hand weights, tubing, TRX, Barre, and floor exercises. LEVEL: ALL 

Aerobic Dance – Strength – Balance – Learn fun aerobic easy-to-follow dance choreography & Line Dances. Safe strength and balance exercises, building muscles for the entire body using hand weights, tubing, Balls, TRX, seated chair exercises, and the Barre. This is a NO MAT/floor class. Modifications are offered for all fitness levels. (Bring Gym Shoes)  LEVEL: ALL

Line-Dancing & Strength – Cardio Dance, easy-to-follow, safe, FUN, and challenging Line Dance choreography. LEVEL: ALL 

Dancin with DJ – Learn popular video hip-hop and groovy moves with DJ…beginners welcome! A low-impact, FUN dance class – breaking down the moves and teaching “how -to”. No matter what your dance background is, you’ll be able to keep up with these easy-to-follow combos! Let go of your inhibitions and get ready to feel the beat. LEVEL: ALL 

Dana’s Summer Fit Workout – Get ready for some serious cardio and muscle workouts! Guaranteed to burn a ton of calories and GET SUMMER FIT! No experience necessary – modifications for all fitness levels. LEVEL: ALL 


Total Body Strength – The focus is on building strength, endurance, and toning your entire body using TRX, hand weights, tubing, kettlebells, body bars, the Barre, and floor exercises.  Learn proper technique with easy-to-follow, safe muscle, and bone-building exercises. Lost some muscle tone? This class is for you! (Bring Gym Shoes) LEVEL: ALL

CORE FUSION & FOAM ROLLING – Safe and very effective floor exercises to strengthen abdominals, hips, glutes (butts), and legs. Stretching and foam rolling self-massage techniques are included.  LEVEL: ALL

Mat Pilates – Focuses on core strength and developing long, lean muscles. Movements target specific muscle groups improving overall strength, flexibility and posture. Weights, bands, balls, and straps are used to enhance basic Pilates movements.  LEVEL: ALL

Pilates Basics – Learn the basics of the Pilates method done entirely on the mat. Improve core strength, flexibility & posture with short sets of targeted movements. Modifications are given to suit beginner through intermediate levels. LEVEL: 1-2

Real Ballet Barre – Classical Ballet movements learned at the Barre to improve balance and flexibility. Proper alignment and posture will be stressed in this beginner/advanced beginner class. The class will conclude with stretching on the floor. (Bring ballet shoes or socks!) 


Yoga DEEP STRETCH – Practice relaxing STRETCHING and rejuvenating breathing techniques, proper form in posing, and stretching with individual modifications. A positive, feel-good class for ALL levels of Yoga practitioners. LEVEL: ALL 

Gentle Yoga & Joint Health – Open to all levels, especially for beginners, and students with physical limitations due to injury or illness. Emphasis on improving flexibility, relaxation, and reducing tension. The consistent practice of this series may help to relieve stiffness, and arthritic symptoms and increase joint mobility and circulation. LEVEL: ALL 

Yoga Stretch & Balance – Floor STRETCHING using rejuvenation breathing techniques and practicing proper form in posing and stretching with individual modifications. This class includes standing balancing poses and the Warrior Series. Participants may use the Barre to assist in the balancing poses. LEVEL: ALL