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Personal Training

GoodLife Fitness offers Personal Fitness Training solo, doubles or small group. Our Nationally Certified Fitness Trainers and Exercise Specialist have many years experience in the Fitness Industry and will design an exercise program that is safe, effective and fun including: Cardiovascular, Strength, stretching, balance training/fall prevention, agility exercises, rehabilitation, foam rolling, and golf & tennis sports specific training.

 Our many years of experience enable us to to teach clients life-long, functional therapeutic exercises to improve ease of movement and confidence in everyday activities. Our routines are pain-free, effective and scientific based. Post-physical therapy guidance after back, hip, shoulder or knee  surgery physical therapy is completed. 

 As we age and from leading a sedentary lifestyle, we lose muscle mass and often bone loss.  Our Trainers provide a great combination of easy-to-follow, safe and challenging muscle and bone building exercises using TRX, hand-weights, tubing, kettle bells, body bars, the Barre and floor exercises. Balance and stretching included. Each client will receive a personalized take-home work-out routine.


Owner Peggy Hamilton demonstrates the foam roller & therapy ball weight training .